Cashless Envelope (2 Pages)
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Cashless Envelope (2 Pages)

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If you love the idea of cash envelopes, but still want to use debit or credit cards, you can use the cashless envelopes to track your spending.

The key to taking control of your money is to track where you spend.  When you know you are limited and see it in writing, it helps you ensure you never blow your budget.

To use the form, print out and carry it with you.  Start with the amount of money you have to spend for each budget item.  Every time you make a purchase, deduct it from the balance.  You'll always know how much you have left to spend in every category.

If you want to learn more about using and implementing a cashless envelope system, you can read about that in this article - How to Use the Cashless Envelope System.

*If you plan to carry this in your wallet, it is best to print this template onto heavy-duty cardstock.  You can find the right product to use by clicking HERE.

**This is an instant download.  There will not be anything mailed to your home.  By purchasing this product, you realize it is limited for use by only the purchaser and may not be re-distributed in any way.

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