Daily To Do List
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Daily To Do List

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A to do list.  It is the one thing every person needs to ensure they get everything done every day.

Imagine waking up and seeing every task you should accomplish on one sheet.  And, when something new comes up that you need to do - don't stop working today.  Nope!  Add that item to the list to work on later in the week!

A well-written to list reminds you to take care of yourself and your needs, while also ensuring you don't miss important calls or meetings.  It helps you keep track of what to make for dinner, the chores to do and those other little tasks you keep forgetting about.

To use a to do list effectively, keep 3 - 4 copies together on your desk or clipboard.  When you think of something to do today, add it to another day later in the week.  You'll always stay on task and can go to bed each night knowing you had a productive day.

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