After School Checklist
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After School Checklist

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After school, most kids rush through the door, drop the bag, coat and shoes and head off to do what they want.  As a kid, I get it.  But, as a mom, there are still things we need to do once the school day ends.

Kids do better when they have a routine to follow because they know what comes next. That is true even when the school day ends.

Rather than dropping the bag and grabbing the remote control, you can remind your kids of everything they need to each afternoon.  Putting it into writing is the simple way to help them remember it.

Grab your after school checklist and laminate it.  Then, as your kids do each item, they can check it off as DONE.  They not only get the satisfaction of knowing they are responsible, YOU don't have to hound them (or at least, most of the time you won't).

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