Debt Paydown Form
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Debt Paydown Form

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Getting out of debt is a common goal for many families. But, you can't just wake up and decide one day that you are going to start.  You need to be prepared.

One of the first things you need to do when trying to pay off your debt is to know who it is you owe!  After all, you need to change the way you spend and decide which bill you will try to pay off first.

The Debt Paydown Form ensure you don't forget every company you owe. It is a simple glimpse into the balances that are outstanding.  While that can be depressing, it can also be exciting when you see them start to go down and eventually, completely disappear.

If you are new to trying to get out of debt, check out my How to Get Out of Debt page which is filled with everything you need to about how to start your own debt free journey.  We paid off more than $37,000 in debt by following these systems - and you can too!


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